TF Metal frequently produces medical castings to some of the leading companies and manufacturers in the medical sector. Having supplied medical castings for more than 13 years, we have obtained plentiful of know-how experience and right channels in developing components for this industry while achieving its demanding requirements.


Besides medical sector, we also produce components that are used in analytical instruments to one of the top tier manufacturers in the sector. Most of the parts are intricate in shapes and require strict dimensional tolerance.


TF Metal worked with navigation systems company to produce some of the world class navigation instruments mounted onboard vessels. Our aluminium castings are durable and extremely corrosion resistant yet relatively lightweight.


TF Metal has been producing quality aluminium castings to the semiconductor sector. Our castings ranges from 5kg to 300kg, demonstrates the flexibility of our foundry. Our castings are used extensively in many semiconductor equipments / machines, namely housings, covers and bases.


In 2016, we were approached by one of the leading manufacturers in the power tools sector to produce their components. Our aluminium castings offer high strength to weight ratio, yet withstanding daily usage in harsh conditions, making it the best material for power tools components.