We can speed your production cycle with precision sawing, grinding, duplex milling, trepanning of rings and circles, and fine surface finishing. We perform process such as cut riser which remove the surplus aluminum that do not required in the drawing. Followed by grinding & welding process which smoothen the past's surface, prepare the parts for machining.

Most important, with our state-of-the-art, high-speed production equipment, we can do the work in a fraction of time and cost of doing-it-yourself.

  Heat Treatment

Heat Treatment is the controlled heating and cooling of metals to alter their physical and mechanical properties without changing the product shape. Heat treatment is sometimes done inadvertently due to manufacturing processes that either heat or cool the metal such as welding or forming.


Heat Treatment is often associated with increasing the strength of material, but it can also be used to alter certain manufacturability objectives such as improve machining,


improve formability, restore ductility after a cold working operation. Thus it is a very enabling manufacturing process that can not only help other manufacturing process, but can also improve product performance by increasing strength or other desirable characteristics.